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Denver Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Here at the law office of the Denver Family Lawyer, we are very happy to accommodate the different needs of our clients and their families. Going through a divorce is an extremely tough process, but thankfully today there are more and more options for couples that wish to divorce quietly and peacefully.

A collaborative divorce is a divorce process that combines teamwork into the divorce process. Each of the spouses and their two separate Denver divorce attorneys work together amicably to settle all matters of the divorce. This process takes place out of court, away from the courtroom atmosphere.

Each of the attorneys works together and with each client to negotiate all matters that must be settled including child custody, visitation, separation of assets, and more.

If at any point a client becomes unhappy with the process of their collaborative divorce, they are legally free to retain another attorney. Some couples may decide to choose a collaborative divorce and work with attorneys from the same family law firm.

The Denver Family Lawyer is more than willing to discuss the option of a collaborative divorce with any client interested in one. A collaborative divorce can make the process of dissolving a marriage much less stressful and is also oftentimes faster and less expensive than the typical court divorce proceeding.

To discuss whether a collaborative divorce is a viable option for your case, contact us here at the law office of the Denver Family Lawyer today.