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Enforcement of Settlement Agreements

After a divorce is finalized, it is hoped that both parties will follow all of the agreements and court orders issued by the judge. However when this does not happen, it may be necessary for you to enlist the help of a Denver family attorney to enforce your settlement agreements.

If you are having trouble with an ex-spouse violating a court settlement agreement, the Denver Family Lawyer can help your case.

The most common family court settlement agreement violations have to do with finances such as spousal support payments or property. For instance, one party may be ordered to hand over the title of car or house, but fail to do so.

Our Denver Family Attorney Can Assist You

In these types of cases, the Denver Family Lawyer can file a motion with the family courts to hold the violating party in contempt of court. Depending on the situation, the party in violation may be arrested or told when to come to court for the enforcement hearing. The judge will then make a ruling about how to go about enforcing the settlement agreement.

Clients that are not paying their spousal support or child support should not have their visitation rights interfered with. The failure to pay child support or spousal support does not eliminate the right to parenting time. Neither the court nor the other parent of your child has the right to deny you time with your child. If you feel this is happening to you, contact our office immediately.

If you have questions or need assistance in enforcing the rulings of your settlement agreement, contact the law office of the Denver Family Lawyer to discuss your case today.