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Denver Divorce Attorney

No one ever intends to get divorced. When it happens to your family, you need the help of a compassionate advocate who can guide you through the process while protecting your rights and your assets.

Here at the law office of the Denver Family Lawyer, we specialize in all types of family law cases, and can help anyone in need of a civil divorce, military divorce, a collaborative divorce, a flat fee divorce and other related divorce services.

Clients oftentimes underestimate the complications that can arise during a Denver divorce, especially if that client has children.

The Denver Family Lawyer can represent you in your divorce case as well as your child custody, child support, and visitation rights case. The state of Colorado takes the wellbeing of its children very seriously, and if you have children and are seeking a divorce, it is very important that you consult with a Denver family lawyer about the details of your situation as soon as possible.

Our office also provides post-divorce services for clients that find themselves in need of additional help with matter such as:

At the law office of the Denver Family Lawyer, we are dedicated to serving our clients’ needs. If you are seeking a divorce in the Denver area, contact our office today for a free initial consultation regarding your case.